Brightlands stories at Limburg festivals


Brightlands will be represented at various events in Limburg this festival season with the Brightlands Roadshow. The objective of this interactive show about Brightlands is to introduce the general public to the amazing world of Brightlands. The show will be premiering on August 5 and 6 during the Solar Weekend Festival in Roermond, and is a follow-up to the Brightlands Stage at Pinkpop earlier this year.

The amazing world of Brightlands has so many great, almost science-fiction-like stories to tell that originate from entrepreneurs, researchers and students. Each and every one of these are success stories on sustainability and health in the future which are not only relevant for all of us, but which were planted and continue to grow in our very own backyard. “Not only are these fascinating stories, it’s amazing to be able to tell others about them,” says Maurice Olivers, Brightlands communication & branding.

This interactive show was developed in cooperation with Museumplein Limburg. The show consists of a dialog between an “average man” and Mr. B. Right, a human-like robot that also tries to connect with the general public. Not only will they talk about all the things we are capable of in the region, but also what these innovations mean for our daily lives. As a show presented in laymen’s terms, it gives a face to the amazing opportunities that Brightlands and the region’s unique international location offer to entrepreneurs, researchers, startups and students.

The Brightlands Roadshow is a collaborative project of Connect Limburg, Limburg Economic Development (LED), Province of Limburg, Museumplein Limburg and Brightlands.


The show will make its debut at the Solar Weekend festival in Roermond, and will be put on several times during the festival weekend. The Solar festival is known for its creativity, and boasts over a thousand artists, innovators and creatives.



The Brightlands Roadshow will be appearing at the following festivals and events in Limburg:


Solar Weekend Festival, August 5 and 6, Roermond
PAS-festival (Pleasure, Art and Science), September 8 and 9, Maastricht
112 on Wheels, September 10, Venlo
Festival van de Toekomst (Festival of the Future), September 15, Heerlen
Het Weekend van de Wetenschap (National Science Weekend), October 7, Maastricht
Herfstvakantie Show Museumplein (Museumplein Fall Break Show), October 14 – 22, Kerkrade
Dag van het MKB (SME Day), November 6, Heerlen