Kriya Materials (Geleen) haalt 3 miljoen euro op voor nieuw product

Kriya Materials, the multi-functional coatings company at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, raised € 3 million in capital to roll out its new line of coatings for solar panels and window films. Such coatings have a positive impact on solar energy generation and energy conservation by saving on energy used for cooling in buildings.

The money comes from a consortium of new and existing shareholders. The investment round was led by impact investment fund Shift invest and Chemelot Ventures and backed by existing shareholders Limburg Ventures, Particon and LRM.

Kriya Materials develops, manufactures and sells coatings and composites for solar energy generation, energy conservation, LED lighting, greenhouses and displays. Based on its proprietary nanoparticles and its know how to formulate its multi-functional coatings, Kriya enables customers to generate or save more energy and to improve the CO2 footprint of their products in various ways. Furthermore, Kriya’s products offer improved durability and usability of customer’s end products.

The capital raised enables Kriya to grow its staff and invest in additional capacity. The additional capacity will be used for a number of newly developed products. For solar panels, Kriya has developed a multi-functional coating with anti-reflection, anti-dust and anti-heat properties. This results in a significantly higher energy output. In automotive and construction, Kriya’s novel coatings and composites block the heat from the sun, which also helps to drastically lower the energy required for cooling. For OLED and LED lighting Kriya’s optical coatings increase light output and reduce energy consumption. For greenhouses, novel coatings and plastic composite films enable better light and heat management, improving crop yield and lowering water usage for evaporative cooling.

Next to these new products the company boosts a full portfolio of multi-functional coatings for display surfaces. Scratch resistance, combined with optical, chemical, or physical properties can be custom made for its global customer base.